Refund Policy as an authorized distributor of Multipure water filter systems which offers a lifetime warranty on the housing of all water filter systems as well as a 90 day refund policy as outlined in the pdf documents given below.

Basically you must call Multipure at 1-800-622-9208 for any refund or exchange or for warranty issues. You may refer to us as Distributor #424611 at . If you have any issues that are not resolved by that call, you can then write us at whatsthebestwaterfilter at yahoo dotcom (written as [email protected]) or call us at 1-310-seven four two - 7900 and ask for help. Please leave a message with your name and number and best time to call you and what time zone you are in, as we are sometimes too busy to answer the phone but will call you back as soon as possible.

I have never had to intercede for a customer because Multipure is a very reliable and upstanding company and they will take care of you just as I would.

We have an excellent customer service department. Just call the 800 number with any problem you encounter and they will solve it quickly and professionally to your satisfaction!

Then, if you still have an issue call us at 310-742-7900 and we'll find out why your problem is not being resolved. In 100% of cases, a simple call to the 800# will resolve your problem within minutes!