Multipure Home Office
Multipure Home Office

Hi, I'm Yolanda White, I'm the Founder of BestWaterFilter.US,  and I'm here for you if you have any questions or comments!
My Multipure Independent Distributor # is 424611 and I am an Authorized Multipure Distributor. Please buy from only Authorized Multipure Independent Distributors to make sure you are getting a real Multipure unit manufactured in the USA.

We also appreciate your feedback and suggestions. So if you have any questions or issues regarding our site or water filters in general, please email us at:
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Or call us at 1-310-742-7900

We value your comments and will respond promptly to any inquiry.

Thanks for visiting our site and giving us the privilege of serving your water filter needs!

Yoli - Proprietor of

Yoli - V.P. of Customer Relations

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