NSF Certified Multipure water filters


Multipure water filters are the best water filters

A Multipure Filter For Every Need

Under the counter, Counter Top, Carbon Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Portable... Multipure has a filter just for you.

Multipure water filters are good for the environment
Multipoure water filter science

Multipure Science Assures Quality

All Multipure filters are
independently tested and
certified by the NSF.


Multipure has a water filter for every budget and for every need: Counter top, under the counter, portable, carbon filter, reverse osmosis... Our filters are well reviewed by the top consumer magazines and we appeal to the smartest shoppers...

Why? Because Multipure water filters are truly the best water filter available to assure you are drinking NSF Certified filtered water!

Our water filter systems come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, 90 DAY NO RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and NSF CERTIFICATION - all of which means we stand behind our products 100% because they are made with the best materials and workmanship, here in the USA!

About Us

We are authorized Multipure Distributors, selling direct from the factory to ensure quality and the lowest prices! Our #1 and only goal is to help you get YOUR best water filter the one that is right for you and your situation...

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Warrantied and Guaranteed!

All our water filter systems have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee plus a Lifetime Warranty on the housings! This means that you will never have to buy another water filter the rest of your life!
We stand behind our water filters this way because they are made with quality materials and precise manufacturing here in the USA!

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NSF Certification Means Quality.

The NSF is a non-profit scientific organization that analyzes, tests, inspects and certifies water filters for quality in workmanship and reliability in performance.

In short "NSF Certified" is your assurance that your Multipure reduces the widest array of contaminants of any other water filter.

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Are you ready to buy the only water filter you'll ever need?

Since our filters have a lifetime warranty you just have to buy one. Take a quick look at what we have to offer.
Forget the rest! Doesn't your family deserve the very best?


Read why our Aquaversa water filter system has won a Best Buy award 2 years running and why we are NSF Certified to reduce more contaminants than any other...


See why carbon block filter systems are considered the best for most needs and why  Multipure is considered a leader in carbon block technology.

Environmentally Sound

Learn how you'll be doing your part for the health of the environment and your own health as well when you choose to drink from a Multipure Water Filter System instead of bottled water!