Multipure Coupon Code

Multipure always offers a Multipure Coupon Code and we here at always give our customers the best deal we possibly can on Multipure water filters! In fact, if you find a better deal from any other Multipure Authorized Independent Distributor, we will match it and give you an extra $20 off just to prove…

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NSF Certification Means Quality

The NSF is a non-profit organization that employs scientists to test, analyze and certify products such as water filters. Personally I would not buy any filter that is not NSF Certified because the NSF Certification is the one guarantee you have that the filter does what the manufacturer says it does. If a filter is…

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Water Filter Comparison Chart

How To Choose The Best Water Filter For YOU This page will help you compare water filters so that you can choose YOUR best water filter. Click Here For the More Easily Readable .PDF Version Of This Page                       Multipure Filter System Aquadome Aquaversa Aquaversa…

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